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A timetravel from the year 1350 till today; the oldest building of Hanover comes alive.

Together with the historians of the Historic Museum of Hanover, we defined 12 events from the past of the “Beguine Tower to tell its moving history.

Those milestones are the core of our installation and are reachable by sliding a handpiece on a track, which serves as a timeline. An integrated, hidden mechatronic turns a 1:32-scale-tower-model whenever the hand-piece is shifted. Seamless screens show a stylized 360° 3D surrounding. This environment is changing accordingly to each time-spot and illustrates how the city evolved over time. Each milestone is accompanied by image and text information.

The installation was created under strict monument preservation orders and finds place in the basement of the tower itself. It is available to small visitor groups on a temporarily basis.