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Workout with the best trainers of the world? Cyberobics makes it possible. At Alexanderplatz in Berlin, an interactive brand-space has been created to present the new "Rainer Schaller-Group"-brands temporarily.

Especially for this purpose, workouts were shot at the most beautiful places in the world such as the Grand Canyon or New York's Roof-Tops. They are played on a 22m wide, high-resolution LED-Wall.

8.7 million pixels and a concave layout make sure the visitor gets an immersive experience. An eight meter high LED-Wall greets at the entrance to lead up to the first floor. A Display-cladded lift brings the visitor up to the first floor and attunes him to the "world of cyberobics".

visionate was involved from the beginning of the concept-phase up to the final media-integration.

Today, the next brand "The REED" is already established at the brand-space.